Probably the first piece of fanart I ever recieved over at DeviantArt and I still am amazed by it. Tazi-san is an exceptional artist, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor browsing her gallery.

Another sketch by Tazi-san over at DA, depicting a really intense scene from episode 2. She’s also a Sonic fan, and you can see it’s influence on her style. Way cool!

Filbert Leatherwings
This was done by Merlin Missingham over at DHS Comix! Superb design!

Bonny Brayson
Merlin also did this amazing picture of Bonny, capturing all of her aggresive sassiness. And while you’re at it, go check out DHS Comix, as well!

LooeyQ gave Filbert this cameo in his comic, Mad Dog! If you scroll to the right and down, you can see him in the middle of the blast!

KarToon12 who does a wonderful comic called Jamie Jupiter, did a fanart video of her drawing Rusty!

Another amazing piece of fanart from Tazi over at DA! Duelsey never looked so good!